Food quality is very good. Found some awesome variety for vegetarians.
Very delicious veg. burgers and wrap. I have tried almost all of them.
Keep it up!
And BTW prices are just fine.

Shruti Bakshi, https://goo.gl/TvC1MC

If you are a chicken lover you must visit this place for some good stomach fills specially the Peri Peri burger. Vegetarian options are there but the chicken preparation are more tastebuds appealing. A small cozy place one can watch the market dynamics through transparent glass windows. Quiet a central location in the market. Healthy and higenic food without doubt. My third visit to this place amazingly gave me the same taste of the first one..A feel good factor

Narendra Nath Dutta, http://goo.gl/JPml2o

Great place to be for chicken lovers...Peri peri grilled chicken was a great taste....veg burgers too were yumm I tried Paneer salsa and veg keema both were awesome

Karan Anand, https://goo.gl/tgdLQW

I love the MOC menu because they gives us more taste than any KFC or subway items love it....... And Specially thanks to the customer service which they provide us.....

Vivek Chauhan, https://goo.gl/3EtW7B